Tips To Follow For Keeping Your Carpet Look Best All Year Long

Hiring professionals for carpet cleaning services are often overlooked by people and homeowners when they think of cleaning their carpets. Whether for fear of spending more or other factors, they ignore hiring professional cleaners to get a complete cleaning facility of their carpets. But it is very important to guarantee a complete cleaning of carpets, and only professionals can guarantee a 100% cleanliness of your rugs and carpets.

There is almost nothing better than having carpets and rugs at home or in the office. You must research the company you choose to do this service for you. When you find one like the local carpet cleaners in Atlanta GA. Here, we have provided an overview of the importance of cleaning services and the most common cleaning processes adopted by professional cleaners.

Dry Carpet Cleaning process

Removing dry dust or dirt is the first step in any carpet cleaning process. The dry-cleaning technique is much healthier than the wet technique. The dry cleaning of dust from hard areas of the carpet, it allows to easily remove dust without damaging the carpets. With this technique, professional cleaners vacuum the carpet dirt and keep the carpet fibers clean and tidy without damaging it. 

Removal of Soil 

Soil removal is the most useful step in the carpet cleaning process. This is done using hot water to remove dirt from the carpet. Soil is the combination of small particles that cannot be separated by naked eyes. Certainly, with the usual methods, these particles cannot be removed from carpets. 

But with this method, the carpet is preconditioned using a superior chemical substance that helps to liquefy the floor and the oily substances in the carpet fibers. Then after heating the water for fifteen minutes and the extraction is applied under vacuum. 

Soil deferment

Carpets and rugs are a very sensitive element in any room. Since dirt and debris remain on carpets, and this also contains potential germs and spreads into the environment. Professional carpet cleaners use this floor deferment method as well. 

This method is characterized by 4 factors, such as the acceleration of the chemical reaction using temperature or heat, the application of disinfecting chemicals. The chemical distribution maintained by the agitation of the carpet fibers and the residence time for completion of the reaction chemistry. 

It is a completely professional method because only an expert professional can use it correctly without damaging the fibers of the carpet. 

Tips to keep the carpet at its best

  • Use Entrance Mats: Instead of allowing direct contact with the carpet when people enter your home, put entrance mats on all access points. It will help you to stop direct dust from entering your house.
  • No shoes inside: Encourage family members and guests to remove their shoes outside when they enter your home. This will prevent dirty soles from staining carpets and trapping mud and moisture.
  • Vacuuming: The carpet absorbs everything that enters your home, including dirt, allergens, dust, and pet hair. Vacuuming the carpet is a practice that will keep your carpet tidy and clean. Make an effort to vacuum every two weeks or even once a week if you have pets. This will help you in carpet cleaning and control dust buildup that often results in difficulty breathing. 


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