Montessori Apps, Pros, and Cons.

Smartphones revolutionized the world, It puts the world on the palm of the user and the user now can play with the world with his fingers on a six-inch screen. It does not provide speedy and easy communication only but bring everything on the screen. we can sell and buy online, we can read books, can perform the exercise, check the flight schedule, and many more. It facilitates us in every walk of life.

Google Play Store is a platform where anyone can find his required stuff, it is cheap and most of the application on google play store are free. Activity Apps for kids are also available on google play store, these Apps are wonderful for the educational purpose, we will discuss the Pros and Cons of such Apps in this article.

As humans we always face differences of opinion, there are always two opinions for a single object, one who is in the favor and the other one is against. Activity Apps for kids also have the same scenario, the number of people is in the favor of such Apps and some educationists are against these Apps. Montessorians claimed that such Apps are a violation of the foundation of Montessori pedagogy. They have arguments in favor of their mindset. their claim is, first 6 years of the age of a child are the time when he wants to explore the world around him, it is time when he develops a firm understanding of their environment, hands-on practical experience with real objects using their senses. It is only possible through learning and exploration. Simply, we can say the manipulation of the virtual object through the screen, even kids can use their fingers to virtually touch these objects, can’t come close to the instinctive experience of feeling the genuine article itself.

Learning Apps for kids are developed for educational purposes, it engages a child through hands-on activities and collaborative play. 

These Apps encourages you to practice the Montessori education method at home. Activity Apps for kids help children to build up their focus, their consideration, their memory, and their perception while enhancing their jargon(Vocabulary). These Apps cover various subjects like math, literacy, art, music, shapes and colors, and much more.

Being a father I know, what is the value of my kids, it is not only for me, it is for every father. Activity Apps for kids are developed with the attention of different aspects because children learn in different ways, these Apps accommodates all learning methods and styles. These Apps provide an atmosphere that offers choices to students at their own pace.

Students are growing up with different wants and correspondence style in the digital world. In this propelled world children can process information in various manners. Educationists ought to consider these Activity Apps for kids as added substance stuff for their teaching technique. These advanced stages are incredible assistance where youngsters watch and experience intriguing stories from the universe of science, designing, common history, and geology in intelligent and engaging manners similarly with conventional educating techniques. 

While keeping all these views in mind, I strongly recommend such Activity Apps for kids are greatly helpful in the educational career of children. Our kids must go through such advance and useful activities that are helping to groom them for the modern world.

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