How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

Bringing a dog at home and expecting him not to bark is like expecting a human to never speak. Barking is natural dog behavior and a dog barks because of various reasons. Dog barking becomes a matter of consideration when it crosses the limits. If your dogs bark excessively then you must look for the reasons why your dog is constantly barking.

Few prominent reasons for excessive dog barking are, they get triggered when they see something new, loneliness, they are boredom, attention-seeking, and so many others. Being a dog owner, you need to figure out what makes your dog bother and why he cannot stop barking.

Another reason that contributes to excessive barking is they are irritated. There may be several reasons that make them annoyed and irritated. Often a dog collar irritates them and they cannot stop barking. So, you must find out if it is the reason then you must choose the right and suitable dog collar for your dog. Visit here and get a perfect dog collar for your dog to get him to stop barking.

Once you figure out what is the actual cause of barking the next step is to find a better way to stop your dog from barking. Some of the tips that can help you prevent your dog from constant barking are:

o   Teach him “Quiet” Command

The very important tip to stop your dog from barking is to teach him the quiet command. Never yell at your dog instead use soft language and speak to him nicely. When your dog stops barking after listening to your command then reward him as an appreciation.

Never reward your dog while he is barking, doing this can contribute to make it a dog’s habit to bark all the time. To make him obey your command always reward him after he stops barking by listening to your command. To develop basic etiquette and discipline it is important to teach your dogs to obey your commands.

o   Use Stress Relieving Collars

Most often dogs bark when they are stress or worried about something. Sometimes the major reason for stress can be loneliness or when they are curious. Although different approaches can be made to relieve that stress the best gadget so far is the stress-relieving collars.

The use of technology or natural herbal properties buy levitra online a soothing effect to the dog’s mind. It makes the dog calm and stops thinking about what is bothering your dog. Such type of collars has a stress bursting property that cure stress in pets easily and make them calm. You must give it a try if your dog is barking due to stress.

o   Take him Out and Socialize

Taking your dog out for a walk, exercise or playing can change your dog’s mood. Spending time out and interacting with other dogs can help him feel good. Taking your dog out and allowing him to make new friends is a great way to lift your pet’s mood.

When he interacts with other dogs, he can make new friends, which helps in releasing stress and curing loneliness. as a result, your dog can stop excessive barking.

o   Provide him with his Favorite Toys

While he is constantly barking the best way to distract him from barking is by giving him his favorite toy. Seeing his favorite toy diverts his attention and he may stop barking. Dogs love playing with their favorite toys and when you provide them with their toys while they are barking.

It will boost his mood and make him feel relaxed. So, you must try giving your dog’s their toys this way he will make less noise, which will not bother you or your neighbors.

o   Do not Respond to Barking if it is for Attention Seeking

Some dogs bark only to seek their owner’s attention because dogs love to spend time with their owners. But if it exceeds the limit then you should search for the right solution to stop him from barking. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not responding to him.

But always ignoring is not the solution because you never if your dog is in actual need or not. You must go for a professional approach or hire a professional. Train your dog to avoid barking when you are not around because training highly contributes to this case.


Keeping a dog and denying the fact that he will not bark is something unbelievable. But if the barking exceeds the limit it is a situation worth considering. Listed above some tips that will help you overcome this issue. Keep that tips in mind and apply them if your dog barks more than usual. But if the issue remains the same then a professional approach must be taken to avoid it.

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