Does Medical Cannabis Contain THC or CBD?

CBD and THC are the two active compounds of medical cannabis. CBD and CBD refer to Cannabidiols and Tetrahydrocannabinol respectively, that is present naturally in Cannabis.

Is THC or CBD Present in Cannabis?

Does Medical Cannabis Contain THC or CBD?

Yes, medical Cannabis contains THC and CBD, as it helps in curing various diseases. Both acts differently and affect the human body differently. THC is considered to make a person higher as compared to CBD. It is one of the reasons that the amount of THC is lower in medical cannabis than CBD.

Cannabis can stay in the human body for a few hours and traces of the drug can be found in Saliva, urine, and blood. But this is not an issue to worry about, as a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle can help a person pull it out completely from the body.

Uses of Cannabis for Medical Purpose

Although THC and CBD play a vital role in medical treatments. Both of these can be used for the same purpose in some cases, such as:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea

But there are some variations in the use of the two compounds. You cannot use both for the same purpose in certain conditions. So, some of the individual uses of each are listed below to give a clear idea.

The Use of CBD

CBD can be used for the following:

  • For the treatment of Mental Disorders
  • Reducing pain during Migraine
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Seizures

The Use of THC 

THC can be used while treating:

  • Insomnia
  • Glaucoma
  • Low Appetite
  • Muscle Pain

No doubt that medical cannabis or marijuana products contain a prominent concentration of CBD and THC for various medical treatments. At the same time, there can be some side effects if the higher concentrations of the two are consumed.

Side Effects of Excessive Dosage of Cannabis

The side effect of medical cannabis depends on the buy aricept online , the more the dosage, the higher will be the side effects. However, people may experience issues like:

  • Drying mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Increase Heart Rate
  • Dizziness (only if the dosage is high)
  • Psychoactive effects
  • Loss of Memory
  • Diarrhea
  • Red Eyes
  • Anxiety

Is it Legal to Use Cannabis in Medical Treatments?

Most of the regions in the United States have passed the law to make the use of cannabis legal in the treatment of various diseases. It has also been made clear that this drug can only be used under certain conditions. Such as only when prescribed by a physician or under the supervision of a physician.

As people in the United States are allowed to buy cannabis products at the same time it is also necessary to understand the laws related to the use of CBD and THC. Using cannabis in the regions where it is not legal can lead to some strict actions by the government. A person can face a legal penalty for the illegal use of CBD and THC in few regions of the States.

Can THC and CBD Stay in a Human System for the Longest Time?

Cannabis like THC and CBD is likely to be stored in the human system or body’s fat. The traces of cannabis can be shown up on a drug test from several days to weeks after the use of it. A healthy diet and more focus on fitness can help vanish the traces quickly from the system.

Besides avoiding the further consumption of cannabis products is also necessary until your body becomes completely free from Cannabis.

THC vs CBD, which one is more likely to make a Person High?

THC and CBD, both are active compounds of cannabis that are considered to make a person high. Although both are legal to use for medical purposes THC is more likely to make a person high.

This is the reason THC is used in a lower amount as compared to CBD for treatments. A higher dosage of THC can lead to some serious health issues. So, it is always used under special care and higher supervision. The lower dosage of THC makes it safe to use in certain treatments where CBD cannot be used.


THC and CBD, are prominent compounds of cannabis, which are considered to have various medical benefits. Although both are legal and safe to use, at the same time using the right dosage is necessary. Excessive dosage can leave a serious impact on health and make a person suffer.

Both of the compounds are used for various medical treatments but it is also important to understand that both of these cannot be used for the same purpose. THC is considered highly addictive and thus used in rare conditions. While Using CBD will not leave any severe side effects on the human system.

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