6 Best Wedding Cakes with Same Day Delivery

Wedding is one of the biggest occasions of everybody’s life. Even, it is said that marriages are made in heavens and are celebrated on the earth. This way, this occasion needs special attention and should be celebrated with the best wedding cakes available in the competitive market. A wedding reception is usually thrown to mark the occasion of wedding. Cutting a wedding cake is a tradition in many countries and religions. In India, lots of people prefer to cut a wedding cake as a part and parcel of wedding processions. That is why online cake shops are all geared up to cater all needs concerning the weddings through cakes and same day delivery service anywhere in Delhi NCR.

Six Unique Wedding Cakes for Marking the Nuptials 

When you start looking for classic and impressive wedding cakes to garner the occasion, all you need to do is to look out what is available around and how you can get your choice product sitting at home. With a professional online cake shop and its timely customer care service, you can easily find the following cake types that induce a big difference: 

Wedding cake: It is a traditional cake type that is served to the guest at wedding receptions just after the dinner. It is also a symbol of bringing good luck to the couple and blessing them. It can be of any shape and size to serve a few guests or just the married couple. 

Heart Shaped Cakes: Nothing can be more alluring and effective than heart shaped cakes that are made only for a perfect couple who loves each other. As its name suggests, a heart-formed cake garnered with lots of edible flowers on the top is a special gift to the married couple. You can have this cake in any flavor or weight as per changing needs of the wedding occasion ahead. 

Photo Cakes: A lovely intimate pose of bride and groom resting on the top of the cake gives everybody around a reason to clap selflessly. If you need something unique and special, welcome a photo cake in any shape, size and flavor for a big occasion ahead. 

3 Tier Cakes: When you have a long list of invited guests, you simply need cake in a big quantity. So, a 2-3 tier cake can cater all guests. Such a cake catches all eyes with a loveable message shown on the top of the cake.

Vanilla Cake: In the list of wedding cake, vanilla cake is the next entry. It is for the people who prefer to have a moist and fluffy cake product prepared with the help egg and its yolk. Addition of drying agents in the cake can give you a reason to have a unique product for the occasion. 

Chocolate Truffle Cake: This cake is a perfect mix of chocolate ganache, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts. Interestingly, you can have this cake in any shape (spherical, conical, or curved shape).

Get the Cake Fast with Same Day Photo Cake Delivery

Not only wedding, you can also order birthday cake, if your loved ones is going to celebrate birthday. Arranging a wedding with no hassles around is a Herculean effort. Hats off to the organizer of the event. You don’t want to let this occasion let off so easily without celebrating in the presence of your near and dear ones. That is why a photo will be the most interesting selection for the gala day. Ask your online cake shop for a well-baked and garnered cake having an image of wedding couple on the top. Place an order in time and get ready to induce a big difference with the same day photo cake delivery service from online cake shop.

Ask cake shops for sending a bouquet of fresh flowers as the occasion will not be completed in the absence of flowers. Choose any cake type and be ready to share happiness around.  


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