The nerves are back Britmums 2016

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I have been good all year, quite relaxed, excited even at the thought of attending Britmums Live on my own this year and meeting a long list of bloggers that I am on a mission to meet. However there is a slight hitch! I can feel the nerves starting to wake up nooooo! I don’t […] Read more…

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My OCD update May 2016

| Wellbeing/mental health

Wow it’s all change here on the OCD front! I am no longer seeing a Hypnotherapist. My Doctor suggested if I am taking anti-anxiety tablets that I should sign up for online CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). I was reluctant because my last experience with CBT did not go down well and so I stopped going. […] Read more…

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We love a pyjama day

| My family and me

We are quite a busy family so sometimes we love nothing better then spending the day in our pj’s or onesie’s. It’s normally a Sunday so I know I don’t have to answer the door to the Postman haha! I have a really cool Ladybird onesie which I brought from Asda a few years back […] Read more…


I am getting back to me

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As readers some of you may know that in the New year I changed my blog name. I wanted to change my writing, the direction of my blog and thought a change would do the trick. Or so I thought! In all honesty though my head mentally was not in a good place. I was […] Read more…


Flash back photo

| My family and me

Mr B and my mother in law where looking through a bag of photo’s she had in her cupboard when they found this one. It was 10 years ago when we were both just 25 years old! As you can just see I was pregnant with Miss C at this time as I am resting […] Read more…


Baby Shower Gifts

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I attended my friends baby shower recently but found it really difficult to think of gifts to buy her. I knew she was going to receive lots of baby gifts so I wanted to aim mine for her. I went into Boots racking my brains of things she would like/use. I’m always worried i’ll buy […] Read more…


Butterfly world review

| Reviews

We were really excited to be asked to review Butterfly World. The caterpillars arrived separately shortly after the butterfly kit arrived. There is a website on the butterfly kit information sheet to order the caterpillars. We excitedly watched as the caterpillars grew in their secure home.It took around 3 weeks from receiving the caterpillars, them […] Read more…


Nothing but meltdowns

| My family and me

The last few weeks have been hard not only on me mentally but for my eldest daughter too. Miss C had a CAMHS (Children and Mental Health Service) assessment this week for her behavioural outbursts and emotional state of mind. After one whole hour of a social worker talking to Miss C about her anger […] Read more…


Making our own magic spells

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We are a huge family of Harry Potter lovers. The idea of being able to do magic and the thought of Wizards and magic actually existing is fun! We enjoy reading the books and watching the films although I always cry in both Deathly Hallows part one and two. It’s so sad when Dobby, Fred […] Read more…


6 things that made me happy #April

| my 6 things

Wow where has April gone! It’s now May already and I am late to write my April post whoops! April has been a difficult month for me mentally. I really struggled to stay positive so this post is not the easiest one for me to write but here goes. Miss M started Gymnastics, she comes […] Read more…


#fancyacoffeefriday is closed

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I want to start of by saying a huge thank you to those of you who linked up to my linky #fancyacoffeefriday over the last few weeks. I have found some great blogs to read 🙂 I have not had the best week if I am honest, mentally I have taken a step back, in […] Read more…


#fancyacoffeefriday 21/04/16

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Hi and welcome to #fancyacoffeefriday! Thank you so much for taking your time to link up this week 🙂 This linky is for you to link up one new or old post tht could do with some comment love. The idea is that we all spread the comment love. This weekly linky will opens on […] Read more…


winging it

| My family and me

Do you ever feel like your making things up as you go along? As in no idea how to deal with a behavioral situation so you just ‘wing it’ and hope your doing the right thing? For a few months now this is how I feel I have been living. My daily routines have gone […] Read more…


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